Thursday, February 28, 2013

A look back at February

It's not yet March officially but it sure feels like it sometimes.  Pollen is floating around here like crazy, eyes are itching, the sun is warming up the earth and things are starting to grow!  I've had an honest interest in gardening this year and even though my attempts at it have been feeble and weak to say the least (thus far it's all been in the name of discovery & exploration for Mia's sake!), I really wouldn't mind actually growing something edible this year.  More on that in a bit. For now, here's a bit of what we've been up to lately.  

Florida College Reunion. The Class of 2003 had our 10 year reunion in early February. I got to see a ton of people I hadn't seen in ages, and others whom I hadn't seen in ... days.  It was great to be back with so many old friends! 

Post-nap walks.  Sometimes the hours between the end of naptime and when Greg gets home for dinner can be tricky, but it's been so nice out lately that we take advantage of a walk around the block for some distraction.  

Cousin McKaber hung out with us one Saturday night a few weeks ago.  Mia was mesmerized by her little cousin and Gabe wasn't quite so sure.  McKaber handled everything like a champ and we enjoyed some QT with our newest nephew.

A friend donated her kid's old playhouse to our kids. It's not brand spankin' new, but it provides some leisure and excitement to our backyard and gives Mia the opportunity to play house (outside)!

Gabe recently learned how to climb our couches.  Now if he can get up on the couch he likes to sit there next to Mia or lay on it.  Silly boy.  He only stays still for about 14 seconds.  Exhibit A: Gabe on couch.

"Gardening" with preschoolers. 

Cinderella singing to...Cinderella.

Exhibit B: Gabe on couch.  Notice throw pillows, thrown.

Something's actually growing!  The kids played with the pots and seeds so much I wasn't sure the seeds actually were planted, so I'm not sure if this is a carrot or bean, yet, but I'm thinking it may be a bean.  This sprouted only 6 days after being planted.  I'm very excited about trying other things.  
[If anyone has any tips or pointers for a newbie gardener (I'm thinking small pots and stuff to begin with), I'm all ears!  What can I plant and when in south Florida??]

One has to keep their eye on this guy. Even at the park with swings, slides and countless structures to climb on, the only thing he wants to do is run away from me and descend these concrete stairs.

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Jenny said...

I'm hoping to get some things planted, too. After spring break. I'll let you know. My next door neighbor grows a huge organic garden, so I'll ask them what to do.