Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meet Gabe, the Ninja

Greg & I have been calling Gabe a ninja for a while.  He is quite mobile now but still falls or runs into things quite a bit, but we have noticed he has special "spy" or "ninja" moves at times to keep him from totally hurting himself.  He'll fall backwards from something and roll to catch himself instead of falling straight back on his head.  Not all the time, but a lot.  He also seems to get himself into more and more trouble these days.  For example...
Ninja Move #2. He'd do this all the time if he could

Ninja Move #1:
The last few days, his ninja-hood has been in full effect.  Sunday night at church, I had to wipe something off his hands so I got out our plastic case of diaper wipes. He seemed interested in the case, so after I was done, I let him hold it (hey, whatever makes 'em happy, right?)  This seemingly innocent suddenly turned into a tool of assault.  Without any warning, Gabe flipped the case backwards behind us, and its aim was direct and precise and swiftly executed by hitting the lady sitting behind us in the knee.  I was so grateful it didn't smack her in the head!  But more than that I was quite mortified. She quickly retrieved the case and returned it to me, and I did my best nonchalant but remorseful, "I am so sorry," apology while halfway turning around to receive it.  I didn't get a chance afterwards to fully apologize, but that was ninja move #1.

Ninja Move #2:
I don't know if ninjas are necessarily known for making messes, but the speed at which he can tear through something definitely earns him ninja points. If I put him down (he is totally walking at this point), he can quickly find something to ravage. It's usually my diaper bag or a bin I have in my room with an easily removable lid.  Clearly I need to find better placements for these things as he gravitates towards them at any opportunity to make messes upon messes.

Going through my diaper bag has also had disastrous consequences.  Of course there's the potential of him ripping up money or coupons, but he also found a pretty full container of Altoids once and had pillaged almost the entire container before I got to him.  I was a little worried at the consumption as it's definitely something he's never had before, but a quick call to the Poison Control Center set me at ease although she told me peppermint oil contains salicylates and salicylates at high levels is similar to that of aspirin (although Altoids were more like candy than aspirin).  What is it with my kids and salicylates!!?

Ninja Move #3:
Later that morning after the crib snafu
This little boy gave me a bit of a fright early Thursday about 4:45am I was dreaming about Downton Abbey in a convo with Laura Hinely (no lie) when I heard a thud & some crying. A quick check of the monitor only to not see him. I rushed to his room and he was crying kneeling on the floor!!  He seemed fine...but I guess it's time to move the mattress down again! 

That move freaked me out.  I had just thought the other day he was looking quite tall in his crib, but I didn't think he had gotten into climbing and exploring in that sense.  Think again!  

Now the crib is lowered and we can sleep a little more soundly - the lowest it can get next is when it's time to turn it into a toddler bed! (Stop, Gabe, you're growing too fast!!)

He's grown and changed quite a bit over the last several weeks.  He's definitely entered the territory of "must keep your eyes on him at all times" because you'll never know what he's going to get into. He's climbed on the stage at church, tried to scale the play kitchen in our kitchen, and had so many tumbles and falls.  I took him, Mia and myself to the chiropractor on Monday because of all his recent tumbles (it scrunches up your vertebrae and puts you out of alignment) and the chiropractor found several sublaxations!  Man, it must be tough to be a gutsy toddler!  Not to mention a Ninja.  

Later in the day after the crib lowering
Well, I must rescue the ninja from his crib, for he has awoken from his afternoon slumber.  Ninjas need their sleep.

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Susan said...

Sounds as though he is like his father! Greg was also a climber and had no fear of venturing off to explore. You are right that it's time to stay watchful!