Monday, May 17, 2010

amazing cloth diaper deals!

If you haven't checked it out, Kelly's Closet & BumGenius are doing some amazing promotions on BumGenius All-in-One (AIO) diapers. If you order $10 of products in Flip, Econobum, or BumGenius, you get a free BG AIO!  You have to enter the code BGMAGAIO at checkout after adding your $10 worth of those products to your cart. This offer is good until May 31.

AND, I just found out that you can take advantage of this promotion twice!  You can place a 2nd order with the same guidelines ($10 worth of said products) using the code BGMAG2. This coupon can expire at anytime.

I'd been holding off on my orders until I had a few more dolla bills in my pocket, but I just took advantage of the deals tonight!  I'll be receiving the BumGenius odor remover, an extra traveling wet bag for dirty cloth diapers, 1 Flip diaper & insert, plus 2 new BG AIOs, courtesy of these coupons!  I've never tried the Flip system or an all-in-one diaper but I've loved BumGenius one-sized diapers so I'm sure I'll love these too (as they are the same company)!

I just had to share! (Plus post one more picture for whom all these diaper products are for - Lil' Mia!) 

PS: Don't forget to scroll down to check out my previous post on living it easy with our pool/beachy weekend!


lp said...

awe she looks so sweet in this that the dress Jenn bought her?

Megan said...

Yes, it is! It is so cute! I wish they had it in my size. I hope she doesn't grow out of it soon; it fits just right right now!