Monday, May 17, 2010

where the living is easy

Another fab Florida weekend. Friday night we lowered it down a notch and ordered pizza & watched Up which was better than I had naively anticipated.

Saturday was a full-blast day. Mia & I hung out with her buddy Knox in the morning while his parents were to & fro, and then we all hit up lil' El's 1st birthday (pool) party, which was just fine with me!  It has been getting H-O-T here lately so a jump in the pool was just what the doctor ordered.
And speaking of doctors, who knew that my friend Sarah was also friends with the nurse practitioner who diagnosed my DVT last year?  Imagine my shock when I walk in to the party and recognize the guy who called me on the phone last year while I was at the ultrasound imaging center, awaiting my results, to say, "Hi Megan, you have a deep vein thrombosis in your leg. You'll be on anticoagulants for at least 6 months, bla bla bla..."  Turns out he & Sarah (Eleanor's mom) went to nursing school together!  'Tis indeed a small world.

Mia loved the pool!--much more than her first swim.  Too bad she doesn't know how to really swim yet, otherwise I'm sure she'd be doing flips & handstands if I'd let her.  Thankfully some other folks had brought their own baby swimgear and were generous in sharing to let Mia lounge around and give my arms a break.

donning the scrunchy face

peekaboo with our photographer?

Sunday morning, we left church right away to head down to Anna Maria Island for my friend Amanda's little girl Caitlyn's 1st birthday!  They currently live in a beach house just within walking distance of the beach.  It's not often that we literally are right at the Gulf, so after the festivities winded down we walked to the beach only to find that Mia loved that as well.  She was a wet and sandy baby, but we were able to "hose" (shower) her down really quickly before we left for the day.

happy birthday, cait!

me & amanda: grad school buddies

livin' the high life on anna maria island

the elusive family picture of 3 thanks to a passerby

analyzing the water in the safety of daddy's shadow

charging into the waves!

up-close & sandy

It was a weekend truly lived, which I believe you need every now and then. We can't be on the go all the time, but when we are, it allows me to appreciate the still moments when they happen.  Like right now, where I can hear an exhausted baby snore in her mid-morning nap slumber.  Perhaps I'll venture there too...


Rose said...

fun weekend! when i saw Up i literally went back and forth from crying (almost sobbing) to laughing. i was an emotional pendulum, for sure. seeing that sand and salty water makes me jealous...i'm glad mia is starting out life as a florida baby like i did.

susan said...

Mia seems to love her new experiences! Greg was a water baby so maybe Mia will be too.