Thursday, May 27, 2010

happily "slow" around here

It's hard to believe the month of May is already winding down.  The weather is heating up in FL and with it come the summer rains.  Everybody's trying to enjoy the outdoors before it becomes unbearably hot!

As an answer to the last post, Mia is taking the coconut milk tonic well.  She tried a bit of the kefir and didn't care for it too much; perhaps it's not sweet enough.  The coconut milk tonic is a mixture of pure coconut milk, filtered water, and a bit of flavoring provided by some Grade B Maple Syrup and a little Vanilla.  It tastes pretty good but must be mixed really well.  We are trying the coconut milk because it's high in healthy fats and even has some antiviral & antifungal qualities.  Pretty amazing stuff you can get from nature.  I feel like I'm trying out for a Kashi commercial but I can assure you I am not recompensed for any such advertisements on my blog!  We may try whole milk or kefir with Mia eventually in the future, but as (NOT) fun as it is to watch your child throw up, I'm okay with holding off for a while again.

Mia had a little visitor the other day; our friends Amanda & Caitlyn (heretofore referred to in this post) called upon us for a little playdate & some lunchin'.  Always a good time.

Mia's had several teeth bust through lately.  It seems like just the other day she had 4, but now she has 6 that can be clearly seen.  Perhaps this explains some of her restless nights of late, otherwise, we're all having a blast. :-P

And for those still reading--if anyone is interested in splitting a 24pak of 3.0 one size bumGenius diapers with me (at about $15.25/diaper this is a really good deal!), please let me know.  The promo ends May 31. I already have a few takers who will split the pack, but I need just a few more commitments to make it happen--even if you just want to buy 1 or 2!  Otherwise, I will try selling the rest over the summer or at the next Jumping Jeans Consignment Sale!  E-mail me or leave a comment below if you are interested!


Rose said...

teeth!? i can't believe it.

Rhonda said...

Such big girls "standing" to play!

Jenny said...

Seems (to me) like Mia was a baby just yesterday, and now she's playing with a friend and standing up! Wow!