Monday, May 10, 2010

"No Explanation Necessary"

If there's one thing I love it's hanging out with old friends with whom there's no explanation necessary.  There's something comforting about hanging out with people who have known longer than a year or two, who know where you've been, what you're like, and where you plan on going.  It's also so nice to hang out with these people after you all experienced the addition of a child!  Tonight we did something we never do for a Monday night...grab a yummy dinner with friends and our young ones and enjoy a sunny, peaceful twilight walking around.

Here's the proof.  No explanation necessary.

Mia relaxing in the limelight

Juggling between the two boys (Left: Cash, Right: Dylan)

The babies & their dads -- all the while singing "Friends, I will remember you...think of you...and pray for you..." [the Friends* finale song -- Colt, Greg & Trey (left to right) were all in a performers band in college and this was the last song they sang at each performance!]

Baby daddy switch!

 Baby mamas!

It was sooo good to hang out with these people tonight. Why don't we do it more often??

* The Friends also performed tons more songs by artists you've probably actually heard of. Lots of rock classics, oldies, and contemporary music too (sheryl crow, sara evans, michelle branch...why can I only remember the girl artists?)


Rose said...

i didn't know about baby dylan! that's exciting!

Aubree said...

I totally agree! We really did have a great time! We need to make it a regular thing.

Jamie and Trey + One said...

Love the post! We too had a great time...wish we lived closer to make it a regular thing.