Wednesday, February 2, 2011

at any given moment...

...our kitchen might look like this:

I try to keep it clean, but about everyday around this time, the dishwasher's unloading, dinner's started/ing (what's for dinner? trying this tonight w/ beef), and a little one's up from her nap, and there is a lot of kitchen commotion.  I'm oft discouraged by this point, thinking it will never be clean again.

Does anyone's kitchen ever just feel like a revolving mess?  I guess 'tis a blessing in disguise.

Trying to "enjoy the small things" on a muggy Wednesday afternoon (73°F).

And speaking of small things, I got an iPhone (welcome to the 2000s!!!) last week and it's been occupying much of my time.  For a while, I even forgot I had a blog (seriously).

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I feel so cool.

Words with Friends, anyone?  "Meganesota"


The Bigelows said...

Heh wanna know how bad my kitchen can get? When I saw that picture I thought it looked NEAT! Not kidding! :-) You sound like you're a lot like me, so I am going to pass this link your way- it really really really helped soothe my type-A soul! Hope you enjoy! :-)

Rose said...

our kitchen can be the most discouraging (and yet inspiring) places in our home. the dishes (which all must be handwashed...) can be the biggest source of grief. i feel like we've been a little more under control in the last month or so. for that i am thankful.