Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Awards: MVC (Most Valuable Commenter)

Greg & I have had this blog since June 2009, just a couple months after our ever-growing Mia was born.

Since then, we've had a growing audience, thanks to the internet, Twitter, Facebook and family connections.  And yet, our most valuable commenter award (and this is way overdue, in my opinion), goes to:

Rose Burns McGee

of Lexington, KY, for frequently checking in on the site and making appropriate well-thought out comments, always with a hint of encouragement.

ROSE -- you are a GEM if there ever was one.  And a flower!

Props to you!

Photo Credit: http://www.cs.uic.edu/~drmark/assets/images/award.gif
MVC Award 2010 Recipient - Rose Burns McGee

Here's Rose receiving her award preemptively in July 2009:

Congratulations Rose!  Keep up the good work!


laura said...

She really earned this. On mine as well, if no one else is reading it, I know Rose is (and mom).

Dave said...

you should see her around our house, always commenting about everything.

Rose said...

WOW!! I'm so honored! This has made my day!

Monica Crafts said...

Well done Rose! This makes me want to start my own blog so I can enjoy excellent comments too.

Lauren Bingham said...

Rose is most deserving. She keeps up with everyone so well and her comments are ne'r discouraging. :)

Re: Kitchen post-- My kitchen is ALWAYS a mess. Except for those blessed five minutes after I have washed all the dishes and no one has dirtied new ones yet. (I cannnnnnot wait until we move somewhere with a dishwasher... besides me.)

Re: scaring women with true stories of mother-hood-- I try not to share things unless specifically asked, but when I am with another mom we can't help but compare/contrast our lives! I wish I had had some friends who would have told me more about day-to-day life post-partum and stuff about babies. I would always rather go into things with my eyes wide open. Also, you have an amazing attitude and I am always encouraged (and entertained) by this blog. Thanks!