Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walk down memory lane

I oft get nostalgic; I guess it's just part of me bones.  Greg recently updated my Mac ("thank ye kindly") so now I can reload all my photos from the last 5+ years and use my laptop without having it plugged in all the time!

After the couple hours (or so it seemed) it took for my computer to upload all the photos, I came across these gems (click on the link below the photo):
While We're Young & Beautiful

Some of my friends may have killed me for posting them, but as I was explaining to my girl Lyds, I just have fond memories of those times.  We all have our awkward stages or awkward friends, but happy times are just that, happy times.  :D

And speaking of happy times & awkward friends (wink!!), finally had a partial reunion with JG @ La Gallina Pequena referred heretofore in this post.  We also quickly reunited with LEH, but unfortunately I do not have photos of that time.  

It's been a fun and already quite busy first part of the year and both Greg & I have now celebrated our birthdays.  One year older that's for sure, and hopefully one year the wiser.  

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Rose said...

I highly enjoyed the memory lane pics posted on FB. My comments will be coming soon. And yes, there were some pretty ridiculous ones but I forgive you.