Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indeed, we are crazy.

Exhibit A:
Mia enthusiastically gets buckled into her "tonga" (i.e., stroller)
by Greg & his massive arm veins Saturday

Exhibit B: Mia & I spend the day at the beach Tuesday loving the sun
(and maybe not so much the sand)

After 2 blissful days outside this past week (see exhibits a & b) I too am beginning to doubt myself for planning a trip to Minnesota at the end of February. But as I just reasoned to Greg in an IM, we have our reasons:

"1) nate & jenna 2) no spring break fares 3) mia flies free"

Nate & Jenna are my bro & sis-in-law who just bought their first home just outside the Twin Cities.  We haven't seen them in over a year now and we are really looking forward to spending time with them.  
By flying at the end of February, we were hoping to avoid the coldest of temps (although "the coldest of temps" is certainly a relative term -- most Floridians would shudder to know we will be in the teens and the 20s during our stay and that's not even the coldest!) a Minnesota winter might present.  We/I also know that flying later in the winter/early spring is sure to drive the price up as spring break is in full effect in Minnesota in March & April.  
And of course, the misers in us want to take advantage of Mia's flying free under 2 as much as we can, which really only affords us two more months.  
So February it was.

So while I'm getting ripped to shreds on coming to the great state of Minnesota in late winter---"Minnesota--really kickin' butt on this list"---let me remind you Matt Lauer said these words last summer! ... let me just say, we can't wait to see you all, and don't mind me while I reapply ALOE VERA to the sunburn I just received from hanging out at the BEACH all day. ;)

Hugs & Kisses,
"Meganesota" (my longtime nickname)


Monica Crafts said...

no insanity here as far as I can see. the love of fam is the best (and only) reason I can think of to brave freezing temperatures.

scott and I will be headed north ourselves. however we will be stopping in pleasant 70 degree Macon. it's been a whole two weeks since I've seen my parents. can't have that.

Rose said...

listen, you need to get back to your roots (ruhts) to appreciate even more where you're currently living. we're being dazzled by weather in the 40s/50s up here.

Megan said...

Mo -- 2 weeks without seeing your parents? You really are crazy! What's your final destination?

Rose -- This is so true. One thing I will hopefully appreciate is getting the last good use (probably) out of my winter clothing for this season. Then I can probably pack it up!

Monica Crafts said...

Were going to stop in Macon with la familia but had to cancel the trip due to work scheduling . . . am still having mommy withdrawals and since the Stapleton family DID go and are staying for more than a week I'm having some serious Mya withdrawals.