Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where to begin.

February's over, we're already 3 days into March and I only blogged 4 times in the last month.  For a while there I thought my blog was dying.  (That lasted for about 12 minutes.)

I have a ton of blog post ideas, but am not sure where to start.  It could begin with our trip to the Great White last week; Mia's being on the verge of becoming a 2 year old, and what all that entails; how my mind's been hashing out so much how-to-do-this nutritionally that sometimes I'm afraid it may explode from overexposure; or how I'm suddenly re-motivated to continue decorating/painting/reorganizing our house and if I had the free time allotted to do so I would begin immediately.

Mia & Uncle Nate in MN
In the meantime, I'll let a cat out of a bag (you are REALLY interested now, aren't you??).  I've been writing another blog for a while about my findings in nourishing nutrition over the last half a year at:
Nourishing Newbie.  Pretty much no one reads it, which is cool, but now I feel calm enough to share it with others.  I have thoughts about other things to share on there but I'll probably do it slowly over time.  I have realized myself it takes quite a while to let new things regarding food and its preparation to sink in.

And secondly, I've also been an "affiliate" of Kelly's Closet for a few months too!  I love shopping on their website for all things cloth-diaper related, and since I talk about cloth diapers so much, I decided to add an affiliate link on my page:  That way, if you shop there through my link, I get a tiny commission.  Hey, you or your beloved get cloth diapers, their store gets business, and I make like 5 cents.  ALL AROUND WIN!  Every little bit counts!!

With that, I'm now turning in for the night. A tad late for my liking, but true to my Night Owl self...after 11pm.  'Nighty Night!

Goodnight Moon.

PS: And once again I steal music from Kelle Hampton's blog.  Am only constantly inspired by her!


Jackson said...

I almost thot Nate was Dad

Rose said...

True that, Jackson. I did a Jack double-take as well.