Friday, March 4, 2011

Northern Exposure

Last weekend we traveled northward to Minnesota quick trip to visit with family.  Mia traveled super well on all our flights and even though an airline employee accidentally ripped up the copy of her birth certificate, almost all things went pretty well.  Gotta love all the do's & don'ts you just have to learn on the fly when you travel with a wee one (pun intended).  

Even though it took Mia about a half hour to warm up to Uncle Nate on Friday morning (she avoided looking him in the eyes at all costs), after spending just a little bit of time with "Na-ate" and Aunt "Jonga," Mia was pretty taken with her Minnesotan aunt & uncle.  Anytime they left or she thought she heard the garage door, she'd point towards the door and call their names.

We had many other jokes about "batdus" (diapers) and the poopy stairs and Mia got to show Nate & Jenna how cool Elmo's World is.  I'm sure we'll all be singing, "A-B-C, A-B-C" India Aire style for a while now.  See the Youtube video below if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

Now we're back home enjoying warm weather & sunny skies.  This is pretty much the best time of the year in Florida.  It was 19°F when we left Minnesota on Monday and it's been the 70s & 80s here all week.  Funny; I guess every climate takes their turns loving life outdoors.  Let me tell you, come July & August, we won't be loving it so much!

PEACE to you where'er you be.


Tiffany said...

Knox loves that ABC video, too!

Monica Crafts said...

That whole shaved head thing is a good look for Nate.