Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All in a day's work

Even though the days are lengthening as spring is here, they still seem to be flying by.  We have just over a month until Mia turns two and party-planning really needs to get going.

This past weekend we took Mia to Busch Gardens for the very first time.  We finally buckled under the (really non-existant) pressure and got annual passes so we can take our family anytime we want throughout the year!  We only were able to do just a little bit when we were there Saturday so I know we'll have plenty of exploring we can do in the next twelve months.  Mia was a bit awe-struck by the Sesame Street section seeing life-size versions of Elmo, Abby, Zoe, the Cookie Monster.  We also took a train ride through a "safari" and I tried to pretend we were really in Africa, like our friends Trevor & Laura were who just got back from there.  Not.quite.the.same.  But still fun!

getting ready to leave -- who's driving??
really chill on the train ride

who are all these people??

watching the Sesame Street show

We had a good time at Busch Gardens and even though you can't tell from the pictures, Mia's Nana & Granddad were there too!  Thanks to their skillful eyes, we determined perhaps Mia is teething a bit too, which might be causing her quite colorful behavior of late.  

I think right now, Mia's vibe can be summed up by what's on the side of her Kindermusik home materials box:

Bound away and back...
Just as the young kangaroo bounds away and then back to the security of the pouch, the toddler is eager to explore alone then rushes back to the parent for reassurance.  While the desire to investigate urges the toddler forward, the need for the adult's security is at the core of the child's enormous potential to learn.  It is a delicate time (my note: so true).  It is a time for recognizing and affirming the emotional pull between dependence and independence.  

I read that the other day and it made perfect sense. Thanks Kindermusik!

Beyond that, all I can say is naps are really crucial right now.  Not getting enough sleep turns Mia (and me) into crazy people.  We're putting her down for naps even if it means she falls asleep at 4pm.  No one can stand a terror!

Alright, off to the park to play with friends.  "'Wing?"  ("Swing") Mia will almost inevitably say.


Tiffany said...

I wish there were a like button. Like on Facebook. Good to have a window into your life. ;-)

Monica Crafts said...

So as we drove by Busch Gardens I mentioned to Scott that the cast of Sesame Street is now appearing at the park. Should a 30 year old man get that excited about the cookie monster. My answer is yes, that's why I married him.