Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm blogging a lot.

We are highly anticipating the arrival of Greg's parents, i.e., Nana & Granddad this weekend, to visit with Mia for a few days on their spring break.  I know Mia will love playing with them, and I am looking forward to a reprieve from the current chaos a teething toddler brings to the fray.

This is the AFTER picture:
a place for shoes (green cubby) & just a few less boxes
Lately I've been feeling the urge to purge -- let's just call it a healthy dose of spring cleaning with the warmer days & extended daylight.  I rearranged Mia's closet this morning and it so desperately needed it.  Her shoes -- mirroring my own shoe condition (which is really just a lack of closet space & shoe organization) -- really needed a place to go, and there were old boxes that used to contain toys just hanging out in the closet.  Why?? I don't know. I'm a bit of a hoarder, I confess, and I guess I think, perhaps I'll need this cardboard box someday.   But I ne'er do.

hey! we can actually close the doors!

While this "organized" closet picture may cause even the most Martha Stewart like person to cringe, for me, it's definitely an upgrade.  I've always been a "messy clean," sort of person.  I think it's partially having a spaghetti noodle for a brain (everything's related), and I think it's just part of my personality.  I married the opposite of a hoarder, a "tosser?", so I guess we even out.  And occasionally lovingly drive each other nuts.  All in good fun.

While I was being all organizational, Mia was out on our patio when I heard her screaming.  It sounded like horrific pain and I was seriously fearful she was being attacked by some animal or insect.  My mommy instinct had me running out the door to find her hand was caught in the hinge of the screen door.  Ouch!!  It looked so painful and had grooves from being stuck.

Icing the hand, listening to Elmo.  
The Sesame Street pictures have got to stop.
Last Christmas, Mommo gave Mia an "ice pack bunny" to use for just such occasions, so Mia, at her very tender and understanding age, actually kept the ice pack bunny on her hand to help with the swelling.  I found a bunny sticker in her closet too, and gave that to her, and lately she's been playing with a bunny stuffed animal (also from Mommo), so maybe we're getting into bunnies right now.  I'm cool with that.  I saw one on my run the other morning and thought of YOU, Sarah Moran, if you're listening.  Bunny lover.

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