Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Made It. And No One Was Hurt.

Away we went and it was awesome. Refreshing.  Sunny.  And I totally want to do this again.

I was seriously super stressed before our trip.  I had so much on my mind, I got stomachaches for 3 days straight.  And even coming back home gave me a stomachache  (should've stayed in Captiva, methinks).  Good stress is still stress.  

However, my parents got into town Wednesday, we left Thursday and Mia said goodbye to us and hardly looked back.  She took a 3 hour nap Friday, played hard and partied hard with Mommo & Papa Jack, Uncle Luke & Aunt Allison, and was happy to see us when we returned.  
Mia having a coffee date with Papa Jack
scarfing down Coldstone after a busy, fun day

At the park with Papa Jack
(Obviously my mom was the one taking these pictures otherwise there might be one of her with Mia too.)

For the first time in a long time, Greg & I got to stay out as late as we wanted, eat when we wanted, and hang out at the beach/pool as long as we wanted.  It was really nice to disconnect!  I'm thinking we should make this a regular habit :P

We hardly took any pictures while we were away, but here's the little I did take:

Driving over the bridge to Sanibel & Captiva Islands

Oceanside: View from our room

The night of our anniversary, hanging out by the ocean
Right before we left; the tint of the picture matches the heat index that day, i.e., HAWT
The resort was beautiful, the island was beautiful and we had a great time detaching from the Real World for a few days.  So much so that I've almost had a hard time reintegrating myself even though we were only gone 2 days.

Now that our trip is over, our anniversary has passed, and both sides of the family have visited for the summer, I am a bit hesitant to move on to the next items on our list (e.g., potty-training? if we have the nerve; upgrading to a big girl bed; switching around the rooms, etc.)  They require just as much mental focus as they do physical energy.  They will be big accomplishments once done but there's a part of me not excitedly looking forward to these next steps.  However, whenever the waves of inspiration hit me (the right bedroom design; furniture arrives; or Mia actually tinkles on the potty), perhaps the nesting instinct will hit and we'll all hit the ground running.  One can hope.  
I'm almost 23 weeks along and aside from the recent stomachaches (a new homeopathy post will be coming up regarding that!), I am feeling pretty well.  They don't lie when they say being pregnant increases your chances of sunburn (even with sunscreen), but I'm not peeling too bad yet from our trip, and it feels good to have a "healthy glow" right now.  A little Vitamin D for me and the lil' guy.  

Until next time, find some shade and read a good book.  Might I suggest The Help?  Scarfed that one down in just a few days and boy do a feel southern.

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