Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A week in the life of Mia: late June/early July

What can I say? After a near-record setting of 12 blog posts in June, I guess I just had to take it easy for a few days at the beginning of July.  We've been enjoyably distracted from the online world and I find it's good to detach every now and then.

Here's what's been happening the last week and a half!

Braden & Mia go to VBS

VBS Day 2


Final day of VBS: Abby makes an appearance,
and we find 3 carseats can fit in our middle row!

20 weeks, ready for yoga

20 weeks outtake

frozen custard with Nana

+ Amanda & Braden;
Mia is slightly obsessed with Abby

Breakfast at First Watch

Watching our neighbor's fireworks on July 4

Blurry family picture;
matching stripey shirts not required

looks like a riot!
I'm actually 21 weeks today and feeling pretty good overall! I have a yoga pass that's about to expire so I've been using that as much as is possible, seeing my chiropractor about every month, and going to my regular OB appointments.  The little guy is getting more and more active; Greg actually felt him for the first time last night and he was bouncing around.  I pretend that he's doing handstands; I like to think he's getting ready for CrossFit (maybe someday in his future if Aunt Al has anything to do with it)!  I joked that Mia did the yoga poses with me while she was in utero (and she still likes to do downward dog to this day), and I like to think this dude is getting his pull-ups, handstands, kips and burpees in. Not that I know what half of those mean, but my CrossFittin' friends & fam sure do.  ;)  That one's for you guys, AW, LW, EG, NS, LA, MA!

As Murray on Sesame Street says, "PEACE!"

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