Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take me away...!

Tomorrow Greg & I are doing something we've never done before together.
Awkward... what could this be??

No, not fishing.  

No, not taking a Chinese class.

No, not learning how to ballroom dance.

We are taking an overnight trip withOUT our little one!

And this is probably how she feels about it ...

How could we do this?!?

Well, here's how.  It will be our 4 year anniversary.  We took a quick trip before Mia was born to one of the many neat places in FL and we are doing the same sort of thing before this baby arrives this fall.  
And oh yeah, my parents will be watching her.  I sort of forgot to mention that is a crucial element.
She keeps asking if Jackson is coming too, so if this whole thing is a bust, I will promptly be blaming it on my younger brother! ;)

We'll only be gone a couple of days but we are really looking forward to it.  Granted, we are a bit nervous just as to how she'll do, but she'll be in quite capable hands.  

We'll see you when we get back!

Have you ever left your little ones and gone away for a quick vacay?  How did it go?  Any tips?  What NOT to do?


Jessica said...

I can imagine how refreshing this will be - and also how hard it will be to leave Mia. But I bet she'll have fun with the Grandparents, and I hope you have a wonderful time!! :)

Malone Mama said...

We also took a babymoon between #1 and #2. It was great! Chloe enjoyed herself at the grandparents and we enjoyed the time just the two of us. I don't really have any "not to do" suggestions. We didn't make a big deal about leaving, so she didn't either. Have a good time!