Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quiet on the home front

If there's such a thing as ying & yang (or ebb and flow, if you will), then it seems like this summer is having its perfect share of it.  In June I couldn't stop talking -- blogging was all my rage.  But in July, even with the busyness of the first half of the month, I haven't had quite as much to say, and I also feel like I have little to show for it.
My camera lens is acting funky (perhaps because Mia was playing with a bit too much) and so there are no new pictures to upload unless you take what's on my iPhone.

Right before our trip to Captiva, I mentioned I was experiencing stomachaches on a daily basis.  Since we've returned from the trip, those have unfortunately been a mainstay. :-\  It has been quite troubling for me to figure out the culprit, especially when I'm not in a mood to limit many of my cravings (baby needs food too)!  Over the last couple of days, I find the less I think about it, the better off I am, and so my stomachaches have decreased in intensity and frequency, thank goodness.  To the best of my knowledge, I've been avoiding gluten as well and that seems to help.  It's been hard to avoid dairy, but I've decreased my total intake of it for the time being.  I will be trying some peppermint oil to see if it will help with my nausea and abdominal pains, and I'll be bringing it up with my "health team" over the next few days as well.

Speaking of "health team," I start the first of my regular "growth scan" ultrasounds this afternoon.  The plan is to have an ultrasound once a month now for the remainder of this pregnancy.  When they told me of this plan at my 8 week appointment, the starting point of 24 weeks sounded like a long ways away, but tomorrow I'll technically be 24 weeks and here I am today anticipating my first "growth scan."  It's always fun to see the little guy and I know he's moving as he's been quite active in the womb, sometimes jumping up and down, or pushing me in funny places that aren't as comfortable, but it's generally a reassurance that all's well.

As far as the other little one goes (yes, I mean Mia), I have to confess I've done a horrible job of keeping up with her baby book. I was quite good at it for the first year, but I don't know if I've taken it out since last fall to update it.  For shame!  It's a good thing we do have this blog, otherwise I might not recall with perfect detail when various things took place.
Anyway, she is a mighty force.  She often has loads to say and it's amazing how much her comprehension and ability to communicate with us has grown over the last few months.  Talking with her about things and seeing the understanding take place has really helped us explain things and deal with issues of discipline or correction.

Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Pouches, from Amazon.com
She might also be going through a growth spurt.  That, or her decreased interest in coconut milk means she's trying to make up for calories.  She wants to eat all the time.  "Snaaaaack, mommy, snack!"  She loves these kinds of snacks:
and is quite a happy camper if she can have one.  There are varieties with vegetables mixed in, so I like having the option of giving her both when I can.
She requests turkey at the oddest of times, but hey, at least it's a straight up decent protein, so I don't mind at all.  And she's also learning the value of eating "one more bite" so that she can get whatever it is she really wants (cookie, peez??).
She's even taken an interest in cheese and it seems she might be growing out of her so-called dairy intolerance that she struggled with as an infant.  If so, that is a blessing and a relief.  Ice cream is just too stinkin' delicious to avoid all the time, although much can be said of what can be done with the right can of coconut milk!

And while drafting this post I decided I'd upload a few pictures anyway.  So sit back you all and enjoy!
Walking to the park - a workout for the both of us!

Playing with Peyton & Lily

...and they all look like they could be related (two of them are!)

relaxing with daddy

under a "beat-da" (blanket)

helping Mommy shop at Old Navy

Learning electric guitar at a young age

Hands-down Mia's favorite part of Busch Gardens

"Come, Mommy, come!"

Playing with another little kid, Miss Lydia looks on
Monkey see, Monkey do

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Jamie and Trey + One said...

I've been having stomach pain too. They think the baby is laying on a nerve, fun fun! It's so not fun being in pain, pregnant and taking care of a little one at the same time. Yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch laying on my right side. I'm going to the chiro and hoping he can move her off the nerve. Also, the last picture made me laugh, "monkey see, monkey do"...loved it.