Monday, August 1, 2011

Highlight of the past week

Seeing this little guy and feeling like you already know him ...

see a resemblance??
We got to see the little guy on the "big screen" last week at our appointment and for as short-lived as the ultrasound may have been, it's provided us with lots of good moments over the last several days.  He's measuring well, looks like someone else I know (Greg? Mia?) and might even be smiling in that picture.  Who knows.

Aside from that, we're just doing some planning for the new month.  On my side of it is what we're going to eat.  I had to text my little bro Jackson today to ask him which hobbit from Lord of the Rings has the infamous quote, "But what about second breakfast?" and he quickly wrote me back and said "Peregrin Took."  And that, my friends, is why you have a little brother who religiously read all the hobbit books as a young'n, among other things.  "A diversion!" - Legolas

So I scoured my blog roll high & low, asked for suggestions too and this is what I think/hope we'll be eating over the next couple of weeks.  It seems like a lot of soups and summer in Florida does not always seem like the right time for soup, but they're really easy to reheat and good for lunch leftovers for the man as well.  I've thrown in a few more summerly & manly meals too for good measure.

Honestly, I think I'm just listening to my body and following a bunch of cravings, mostly chicken broth  and eggs.  I made The Healthy Home Economist's Traditional Egg Custard on Saturday, mostly out of curiosity (does it not sort of sound like creme brûlée?), and I've eaten every morning since, straight of the fridge cold, and loved it.

Much of the above list was inspired by the Mommypotamus' posts for Real Food for Busy Moms.  Good stuff you can make easily, or on a budget, or in a time crunch.  Who hasn't been there??

Regarding the indigestion, who knew that maybe I was over consuming acidic foods? Hadn't thought about that one, but it makes sense.  So now I'm trying to combat this by keeping lemons on hand and adding a squirt to pretty much every glass of water I drink.  It seems to be doing the trick; that, and not over indulging on ice cream late at night.  But it's oh-so-tempting!  Thankful for a reprieve.  And getting ready to chomp on a cucumber for some alkalinity.

And with that, good night!

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