Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures in traveling

What do you get when you take one toddler, one pregnant momma, 3 carry-ons, a carseat & an umbrella stroller up to the Hoosier State with 2 grandparents, a younger brother, his friend, and lots and lots of fun?

You get one tired toddler, one achy pregnant momma, and a lot of good good memories and the desire for everything to stay just as it is for just a little bit longer.  

Mia & I had a blast in Indiana.  She traveled super well on the way up there, we managed to avoid any luggage snafus, and she had this nervous excited grin pop up on her face when she saw Mommo & Papa Jack around the corner from baggage claim in the Fort Wayne airport.  

She slept pretty well while we were away--always a question when we travel--and spent her days playing with M & PJ or splashing in the pool watching Jackson & Cody jump into the pond.  She really was a great sport.

I took extra naps, ate someone else's homecooked food (thank ye kindly, mom), saw both of my grandmothers, some aunts & an uncle, and generally reveled in the beauty of northern Indiana.  There is definitely a different feel in the air up there than there is in Florida.  It actually felt refreshing and we could play outside for hours.  It was sort of hard to leave.  Except for the whole missing Greg/daddy part ;)

Our trip back was most eventful.  Our already late-for-us 8:40pm flight was delayed Sunday night till 9:45pm, and then we didn't push off until after 10pm, putting us into St. Pete/Clearwater after midnight.  Mia is so curious and aware that even though she was quite tired by the time we boarded the plane, she couldn't settle or sit still until about 20 minutes before we landed, falling asleep after 5 minutes in my arms.  Then she motioned to lay in her seat.  It was hot & steamy on the plane as soon as we landed in Florida and she was all sweaty from the heat.  Poor girl.  It was a very short night of sleep for her. (And for me. Okay, and for Greg too.)  

Now that we're back, we're trying to find a new rhythm again.  I'm not very entertaining these days, so an outing in the morning is almost a must otherwise tantrums and tears may very well ensue by 11am.  I'm thankful we have a "slower" week this week but am already planning our outings/play-dates so that there's a sense of normalcy and diversion for little Mia, our very curious, independent, strong-willed, but still needs mommy & daddy child.  

Here's the onslaught of digital uploads:

Preparing to board -- all our luggage (minus the carseat)
Double-checking that the window works

Rolling through Rural Indiana

Visiting Grandma Wiley on her 85th birthday --
4 generations

Hanging at Aunt Connie's

Jones women (Mamaw in the background)

Aunt Connie had some great toys


Filling the ... pool


Wagon pull with Mommo

Putting out fires

Self-portrait silhouette at 28 weeks

Watering the flowers

Mommy & Mia --
dare I say we might resemble each other here??
Mia & Mommo, in a made-by-Mommo dress

Watching Tangled with Jackson & Cody

Getting ready to finally head home

Passed OUT

Our trip ended two days ago, but as we still recover from the travel and lack of sleep that was a result from Sunday's late flight, I sit here at 1:30, not sure what to do with myself as my tot began her nap at 12:30 today (about 2hrs earlier than usual).  Maybe I'll eat some lunch and just chill.  Happy final days of August, everyone!

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