Thursday, August 25, 2011

getting my organization on ...

If you know me, you know I desire to be organized but do not excel at organization.  Only in certain areas of my life I am quite organized and in many other compartments, I live in a state of crazy, mostly manageable chaos.

When it comes to traveling with a child though, I don't like to be unprepared.  Mia and I are leaving in a few hours to head to my parents' house in Indiana, and the challenge of NOT checking luggage (no thank you baggage fees) has me feeling the pinch.  In a good way.  So far, I have all of mine & Mia's clothes, toiletries & shoes in one little carry-on, and I plan to bring a diaper bag and a shoulder bag for everything else!  The rest--we will get when we arrive in Indiana.  We'll still be checking a carseat (FREE) & probably winging a stroller (gate-check, FREE), and I'll be carting around my pregnant belly, but that's about it.  Lord Willing.  If I could minimize anymore, I probably would. But you never know what you might need on a plane. Snacks? Books? Extra wipes? Change of clothes? 35,000 Altoid Mints to devour at 35,000 miles??  It's very possible you will need all these things.

For those who have never flown with children or need a refresher, may I alert you of...
Flying with Children

It's the best website I've ever found for preparing for flying with children, written by a flight attendant/MOM.
Mia has been extra cute + an extra handful these days.  I guess I'll take a little of each.

(Pause the audio player before viewing this video.)

singing/talking loudly through Target

at the sprinkle for ciampa bambino this past Saturday /
LPK, me & Jenn

In that last picture, I'm at my friend Jenn's house for the most lovely sprinkle she & LPK threw for our baby boy.  I'll share more about that later, but it was awesome and I felt with love!  They did an awesome job with all the little details to make it feel personal & special.  If you need party-planning, they're your girls.  Like I said, more on that later.

In the spirit of being organized, I need to finish my last-minute packing items while Mia snoozes.

Ciao for now!

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The Bigelows said...

Hope you have a great time on your trip! I loved the video of Mia- she can get DOWN! :-) And thanks for sharing the tips about flying with children. We've yet to tackle that with Ethan, but I think I'm going to be visiting a friend in DC sometime soon, so he'll be on a plane for the first time with just me. YIKES!