Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Living Life

We're in what I'm calling an August groove right now, a steady rhythm of mornings, afternoons, and evenings that somehow seamlessly blend in with one another.  I blink and another week has passed.  I'm amazed by how slowly time passes in some phases of life and how quickly it evaporates in others.  If only I could truly soak up what I don't know that I'll be missing.  For now I'll just do the best I can and count my blessings, many in the form of good friends & good talks, a loving husband and a sweet daughter and a baby to anticipate for now.

It's been quite rainy here the past few days, reminding me of the beginning of the back-to-school craze in Florida.  Mornings are cloudy & wet, followed by skies of sun, then clouds again, before the rain moves on for a while.  It reminds me of working, actually, and the morning commutes and sloshing in the rain.

So yesterday was the perfect day to go play inside at Gator Fred's with little friend Amelia.  Mia & Amelia had a fantabulous time bouncing around, and I loved getting to catch up with A's mom, Ashley!

2 months apart, TONS of energy!

Inside the toddler play area
26 weeks
And today I reach 26 weeks! I've been feeling much better the last several days and am just thankful for that.  One thing that always phases me about pregnancy is just how the bump keeps growing.  In the pictures at the top of this blog, I'm under 20 weeks and you can hardly tell that I'm expecting.  Here, it's becoming increasingly obvious, and only will continue to.  It blows my mind that one day you don't have a baby bump and several weeks later, you do.  As they say in Spanish, increíble!

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Tiffany Hope said...

You are awesome! Congrats!