Saturday, August 6, 2011

Instant Gratification

To quote Nike's old slogan, there is something instantly satisfying about "just do[ing]" something.  Like vaccuming.  You instantly feel more clean and productive because after a few swipes of the vacuum cleaner along your rugs or carpet, you see all the debris picked up and clean lines on your floors.

[Warning: This post will be interesting to about two people, maybe three...probably the grandmothers, and possibly Greg, with whom I need to have these conversations anyway.  Proceed at your own risk.]

In this case just doing something means getting started on a little boy's layette.  As you can visually see the mound of clothes grow, you start to realize this thing is really happening and if this baby boy came home tomorrow (okay, which we totally hope doesn't happen!), he'd have something to wear ( a few months when he grows into it)!  I shopped the half-price sale last night at the same consignment sale, and found a few more items for the baby boy for only $1 each!  You cannot beat those deals.  It was a bit overwhelming to shop past the 6 month mark, as I have no idea how to anticipate how big or small this next baby might be, but I tried to choose simple clothes that will at least work through Florida's "winter" (i.e., basically a variety of hot & cool clothes that can be layered).
I also decided I couldn't leave without getting Mia a few things too.  This is the first sale where she's been almost totally overlooked, aside from the Radio Flyer tricycle.  I got her a couple of fallish "boho chic" shirts (to quote Cousin Bonny) and a pair of Stride Rite shoes -- all for $6 total.  Booyah!

On my mind right now are the things left to do before the baby comes.  We need to move Mia into her big girl room, but first we need to get her bedroom furniture, which is housed comfortably in my parents' attic, states away.  Thus transporting it here is the first challenge.  Along with that, I want to figure out what kind of bedding to get for her twin bed & then figure out what we need to do to the room. Creative ladies, where do you shop for bedding? Or do you make your own, Sew Homegrown style??  And then we'll possibly paint? Do curtains?

I also want to investigate double stroller options (Sit & Stand? Side-by-Side? Front & Back?) so I'm not stranded at home with 2.  I do have a great baby carrier--the BabyHawk--so I can always carry the baby on me and push Mia in the stroller.  A bit more work but I've done it before!

And then finally, I need to keep building up my newborn diaper stash.  I have lots of one-size pocket diapers that can be used for an infant or a toddler (which is what Mia dons daily), but I need to add to the newborn size, probably with prefolds & covers to help me cover the gap between tiny babies and bigger babies.  Prefolds & covers will probably get me the most bang for my buck.

However, now that we've started actually getting more and more ready for this baby boy, I'm really ready to keep going!  Just needed that initial push, which I realize is what I need for most things...a little push in the right direction.

To reward for that awfully boring post, here's Mia from this past week.
Early morning rising means lazy help with cleaning

A self-portrait of Mia for Uncle Jackson

Playing over at Lily & Peyton's

Being a big girl with her backpack for bible class

Testing out the trike at the Consignment Sale

Breaking it in around the 'hood


Pushing herself along; feasibly the easiest way for her to do it at the moment!


Rose said...

yay for preparations! yay for a lil' boy!

Aubree said...

I can't wait to meet little man Ciampa! CAN'T WAIT! Its so cool that he and Beckett will be so close in age.

As for double strollers, we got ours several weeks ago on sale. I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We have been using it for the last few weeks to get Cash used to it. Its called the Baby Jogger City Mini (in orange and gray). I think its around $400 in stores, but we got it for $300 on sale on Yes, it was pricy, but so worth it. It folds up like a dream and its so easy to push. I can push Cash in one side, and all of my bags (purse, diaper bag, shopping bags etc.) in the other side, and I can still push it with one hand, only using a few fingers. Anyway, you might want to check it out.

Can't wait to have a playdate with all the kids sometime. Mia can roll with the boys. :)

Leah said...

I love vacuuming for that exact reason...instant gratification! It's one of the few chores where that works.