Monday, June 27, 2011

On Being Challenged...

The thing is, when you say something like I said last week about children being a blessing, and being content on where you are, something will inevitably happen that challenges your stance on these things and causes you to question -- Is this really how I feel?

Who knew this little girl would be up to so much ??

The challenge was today - Mia absolutely wholeheartedly refused her nap.  We've had our nap struggles like everyone does, but usually I finally get her to nap whereas today it was truly a lost cause.  After going into her room the 4th time, and realizing all my efforts were mostly in vain, I remembered my own words from last week: This doesn't last forever.  So she doesn't nap one day, so what?  Life will go on.  I could be a crabapple about it, but that wouldn't do either of us any good, so I gathered all our almost-overdue library books, schlepped them to the library to trade for another lot of books while she picked out her own books, and called it a day.  We cancelled any "let's eat at home" dinner plans and went to Five Guys.  By the time we got home from dinner (just after 7), Mia was tired & dirty and totally ready for a bath & bed.  So Greg got her ready and by 8:15, he walked out of her bedroom and said in his classic fashion, "She is OUT."  Usually by 8:15, we're still in the middle of the bath & bedtime process, which she likes to belabor.  I will definitely take advantage of this early bedtime tonight!

Can a girl put her feet up??

PS: Thank you Greg, for taking the reins after you got home, giving Mia her first, "Let's have a talk ... I hear you acted poorly today," spiel and letting Mia know who's the boss. And for not making me twist your arm for Five Guys. Okay, let's be honest, how hard do I ever have to twist your arm for Five Guys Burgers & Fries??  Seriously? Seriously.


Tiffany said...

Knox has been getting those talks from Daddy for months! There are hard days. Glad you made it through. ;-)

Rose said...

david is usually twisting my arm to go to 5GuysB&F...glad you got through that day!

Megan said...

Tiff--Greg gives Mia talks on a regular basis, but this was the first time he got home from work and had to give her a talk about her behavior earlier in the day. The funny/cute thing is she really listens. It's so sweet!