Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another week in the life of Mia

Although I might've feigned myself as one when I was in the third grade, I'm no meteorologist.  But if I may say so myself, let me just declare that summer is here!  I think it has arrived all over the country. I saw Facebook posts from my MN peeps that they were having a heat wave last week, and it was actually hotter than Tampa.  Can you believe it!?!?  I'm being facetious.

Summer is supposed to be lazy, but with a kid sometimes it is anything but.  As I am learning this, I have a new appreciation for my parents who probably rarely got much down-time with us as kids, schlepping us to practices, going to our games, dropping us off at friends' houses, trying (but not pushing) to keep us entertained during those "long, summer months."  How did you do it??  I'm not even at school-age with Mia yet, so don't worry, I'm not freaking out, but I can see how school's being out for summer could seem daunting at times!  But then if you homeschool, it might be a relief for you.  No more papers, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks?  Why do I remember that silly rhyme/hand clap?

Regardless, this past week, Mia's gone to the pool, gone to the park twice, gone with me around town...she's pretty much had an awesome week.  She slept really well too!  Maybe all this busy-ness is what's cooling her jets.  She's not so bored so she's not acting up.  Who knows.  
We live in Florida so we might as well take advantage of the palm trees, the sun, our community center's pool, and the blessed number of christian friends we have around town.  There is almost always something to do, that you could easily be overwhelmed.  Sometimes you have to retreat from it all just to calm down.  But I'm not ready to calm down yet, so here's another onslaught of pictures from Mia's past week, inspired by Greg's post:

Mia making "pawpy" (coffee)

Mia counting eggs (and subsequently launching one, not pictured)
at our food coop pickup

cruising around Publix

chilling on Mommy after a nap
(that straight line by our necks is a colored pencil)
Mia "conga" (colors)

Stealing the last few bites of my yummy lentil soup 
checking out the pool
getting more comfortable at the pool
(that was about the farthest from me I'd let her get!)

an instagram photo of me & Mia

a Mommy/Mia date at Wiregrass, watching the train go by

riding that same train

peering out our cabin

ice cream date with Daddy, a candid picture

modeling one of Mommy's dresses, made by my Mamaw
with detailing provided by an old family friend!

17+ weeks

"Is this our new picture pose??"


Rhonda said...

I found the picture of you with this dress on. The two of your could be twins. I can't wait to show Mamaw these pictures, especially the last one. That is so funny!

Jenny said...

I almost interrupted your conversation (yet decided to restrain myself from such rudeness) on Sunday to ask if that was a little Megan dress! It was so adorable! Do you have a photo of you wearing it? My mom saved a lot of my special dresses and I loved dressing Anna up in them when she was a little one.