Friday, June 17, 2011

"Mommy wears pants too"

Mia likes to note if other people do the same thing she does, so if Mia puts on pants, and I'm wearing pants (okay, usually I am, if not shorts or a skirt!), she'll say, "Mommy wears pants too."
"Yes, mommy wears pants."  Even if these particular pants don't fit very well anymore.

This is where I am in the stage of pregnancy.  I've worn an overabundance of dresses this week because that's what fits and for a while felt like I was moonlighting as the Duggars (I do love 'em), but I've finally caved and asked a few friends if I could borrow their summer maternity clothes. I never got to the point with Mia where I needed a lot of warm-weather maternity clothes as her due date was at the end of April and I could still comfortably wear jeans or yoga pants.

So, here's to a summer of trying to figure out what to wear and trying not to bust a lust over the catalogs DownEast Basics sends me.  In time, in time.  This is of course all for a good cause!

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Jenny said...

So THAT'S why you were wearing a skirt today. :-) You always look fantastic, Megan!