Friday, September 30, 2011

33 weeks

The difference between 2 years and a girl & a boy:

33 weeks & 3 days with Mia, March 2009
33 weeks & 2 days with bambino #2, September 2011
And here are the outtakes from today's quick photo shoot (with Mia in "perfect" form):
Looking for something

Totally moved on

 I think the baby bump is bigger - at least, I feel that way.  Only time will tell!

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Sarah Smith said...

The bump looks bigger to me too! I've been reducing my time on the computer, so I haven't checked in with your blog in awhile. Glad to see everything is moving along smoothly! If you are like me and have a much larger baby the second time around, you will be shocked by how much bigger the tummy gets at the end. I thought it was huge the first time (baby was only 4 pounds) but the second time it was crazy huge (baby was 7 pounds 4 oz).