Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remembering this day

Today was a change of pace from our usual day-to-day and I welcome that every now and then. It's good to shake things up.

I had planned a hair appointment this morning and had already coordinated babysitting for Mia with another friend whose child I watched for the same reason (hair) just the other day.  Mia was pretty excited about going back over to Sawyer & "Efan's" house and didn't even look back at me when I dropped her off.  Even though a hug or a wave would be nice, it leaves you with a good feeling when she feels comfortable enough to start playing with her buddies right away and not worry about mommy leaving her.

While I was gone getting my hair done, I was sent this picture:

Mia was playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" with the boys & their cousins

I came back later, picked her up and we went home for lunch and naptime.  Later in the afternoon, I got a text from Greg with a proposition for an impromptu date night. Um, yes!  He quickly coordinated some last minute babysitting for Mia and around 6 tonight she met up with her good friends Loren & Maddie.  We were sent the following pictures while we went out for dinner:

Playing at the park
Heading back "home" in the double stroller (fascinating to Mia)

Dance party with Loren

When we picked Mia up, not only was she bathed and in PJs, but her hair was blow-dried and styled just like Maddie's. It was so cute.  I'm pretty sure had we not picked her up for the night, she would have been just fine spending the night with Maddie & Loren.  She thought it was time to "go night-night" before we arrived.  I do wonder if she actually would've gone to sleep at their house had we stayed out any longer...!

Today I will remember the blessing of others who willingly open their homes for our little one and take care of them like their own. I will be encouraged by their examples and hopefully spurred on to do good deeds like they do for us.  I will remember having a couple of hours away with Greg before things change all over again, and be thankful for a "day like this."

September may be speeding by ... but some of these moments will stick.

Remembering today while we still have it.

growing up...
and this picture was actually taken yesterday


laura said...

makes me happy too.

Malone Mama said...

Chloe likes for Mama to leave her playing with others too :) She usually gives me a quick kiss and then waves with her back turned to me! It made it easier for me when #2 came in the picture that she would be fine on her own when I needed some down time.

Tiffany Hope said...

Awe, such a nice post. I'm so happy for you.