Thursday, December 8, 2011

I mean, seriously...

What am I supposed to do with this little guy??

I was shocked when I took him in for his 1 month appointment today and the scale said
9 lbs, 2oz.  He is 5 weeks old to the day and exactly 3 pounds heavier than he was at birth!

He's 21" long, and his head circumference was over 14".  Boy is GROWIN'.  He's around the 50th percentile for every measurement.  I was shocked but also proud. I wasn't sure how quickly he'd gain from exclusively breastfeeding as compared to Mia (because bottlefeeders--even with Mommy's milk--tend to eat more just because it's there) but he seems to be gaining just fine.

I wrote on Facebook that while we may produce lightweights at birth, our kids seem to gain quickly once they're earthside.  I'll have to check Mia's baby book but I'm pretty sure she gained around 3lbs during her first month too. What's crazy is lots of babies are born even bigger than Gabe is now, but it all evens out after a while.  Mia stepped on the scale while we were at the doctor's office (as I was quite curious) and she is 27 pounds.  She's more on the petite side for her age, but if you've seen her arms you know there's some chub and she's got some pudge to those cheeks.

It was legitimately cold for Florida this morning. I checked the temperature when Gabe woke up before 7 and it was 41°F.  We all got bundled up before we headed out the door and I wish I would've taken a picture of Mia. She was wearing a peacoat, her pink hat & mittens and was quite proud of her spiffiness.  Of course, it's 68°F now and quite pleasant...that's Florida in December for you!!

We've had such a busy day already that I'm so grateful both kids are actually napping -- no fights.  We had Gabe's appt at 9am, a bible study at 9:30 (but I didn't get there till 10 because of the appt), we grabbed lunch afterwards, and then Mia & I blew bubbles in the driveway before we came inside for naptime.  This reminds me of the days with Mia, pre-Gabe, where we'd go-go-go and then crash in the afternoons. 'Twas fun and it's nice to feel something reminiscent of that right now.

Mia with her friend Callie (left) at a playdate the other day //
very sweet little girls!

So, I'm just going to enjoy the quiet stillness on a sunny afternoon and catch you all later!

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Jana said...

I love the first day back to a "normal" schedule after having a baby! Makes you feel like you are still in the real world and not just baby world!:)