Friday, December 2, 2011

New Blog NAME & pictures & a vid to break up the wait!

While you are all anxiously awaiting part II of the birth story (which is still being scripted as we speak), you might have noticed the blog name has changed.  It is now Chiquita Bambino instead of Chiquita Bambina.  Since Gabe's a dude, and Mia's a little girl, this more accurately reflects the new nature of our family!  Bambino, with an o, indicates a baby BOY.  And Chiquita means little girl.  So it all works.

And now, to break up the monotony, here are some new pictures & a video...

We've had a great few days and I'm thankful for our family and our good times. Gabe is a little dear and Mia is a good big sister.

Mia models a Moby Wrap

Mia models appropriate baby-wearing technique (being able to see & touch baby's head)

Gabe's 4 weeks old!

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Jana said...

LOVE Mia in her wrap!! Hope you are doing well! Gabe is a cutie!