Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life! Getting away from me...

First, a few housekeeping things.
1) I know the banner on this blog is off. I'm not sure what happened and I don't know how to fix it just yet and I haven't the time to dedicate to ensuring it shows up properly but I can tell you if you are using a mobile device such as an iPhone, it actually displays correctly. For some reason it doesn't on a normal computer on a normal web browser.  Bah!
2) I hope people are able to find the new blog. I emailed those who I know follow the blog or subscribe, and updated on Facebook and Twitter, but I'm not sure how those who don't follow me on one of those sites will stay updated.  Oops.
3) I know the 2nd part of the birth story is delayed, but as you can tell he was born so you at least know that much. Here's hoping it's up before Christmas!

And moving on...

Last weekend my eldest brother Nathan (aka "Nate") and his wife Jenna, who is expecting a boy in February, came down to FL to meet the newest member of the family and visit with us and my other bro & SIL who live down here.  I've really enjoyed having family in town and seeing everybody since Gabe's been born and -- with quite a contrast to my recovery with Mia -- I have thankfully been able to literally enjoy the time with them, and not be stuck in my bed recovering from mastitis or limping around with a blood clot.  That has changed this recovery time SO much.  So even though I'm not getting a full night's sleep just yet, I still feel much much better just because I don't have those things holding me down.  *sigh*

Uncle Nate & Aunt Jenna

 Uncle Nate, Aunt Jenna with Gabe & Mia
Since we're not going anywhere for the holidays as road-tripping/flying with a toddler and a newborn only sounds so fun, I'm just glad we got to see everyone now.  I'm not sure when we'll all be reunited but hopefully sometime in 2012 we'll get to visit Nate & Jenna after their little guy is born!  Pass up a trip to Minnesota? No way!! I love going back to my motherland.  Fo' realz.

I'm getting asked how life is with two, and so far, it's been good! We all have our hairy/crazy moments during the day from time to time and personal time seems even more nonexistent (that seems like a paradoxical combination of words), which might explain the lack of blogging lately, BUT, things seem to be settling into somewhat of a predictable pattern, making the day-to-day easier.
Gabe still has his own schedule, which I try to honor, but it's starting to settle into similar times each day, giving me windows of opportunity to either shower, eat, nap, or do things around the house.

The only reason I'm actually even able to blog right now is because both kids are asleep! Yay! But probably not for too much longer--I'm sure Gabe will stir soon.
The feedings are getting easier. I'm learning a little bit more about all of that everyday.  I can't believe how much changes in a month, honestly. Right now, it's all about perspective and I try to remember these are all temporary stages--so appreciate, or enjoy, or just survive through them as much as I can.  He's growing so much.  And Mia is changing so much too! She makes more sense and repeats more things more now than I realized.  Our conversations are really developing and her vocabulary is soaring.

Here are the keedz:
a typical morning

"pink panther" // watching "Potty Time" (Signing Time DVD), signing "potty"

asleep while I get my hairs did

 nighttime snuggles with Daddy

proud big sister

she thinks holding him is so much fun
And as can be expected, I'm hearing Gabe starting to grunt meaning it's probably mommy & Gabe time soon.  Enjoy the pics and keep checking back on us, ya hear??


SaRaH said...

Thanks for the email-I found your new blog :) ...& when you have three free minutes I'd love to chat about thrilling things like au naturale birth, cloth diapers, etc. I'm so glad that you're doing well! Sending tons of love!

Lauren Bingham said...

Hang in there with the feeding stuff! I noticed a big change (for th better) at 6 and 8 weeks. Things got so much easier. I'm so glad recovery is going well. I love reading the updates and Gwen loves the pictures of the kids, especially Mia. :)