Thursday, March 8, 2012

Going to Extremes

It wasn't too long ago I was having a conversation with a close mom friend about handling two babies, pre-Gabe, of course.  She told me, "It's okay if things go well at first and then they don't. Sometimes that happens."
Unless you catch me in the morning, I'm usually an optimist so when I hear things like this, sometimes I think, "That's cool, but I'm not planning on letting that happen for me.  Things will be AWESOME." Until they aren't.  And hey, I'm not even talking about really bad, awful, tragic things. I'm just talking about life. Life is such that you're either going up a hill, going down a hill, or sometimes you're just on an even plain for a while and there isn't much exciting going on.  The tricky part--for me, that is--is figuring out how to manage all the twists and turns or slow periods without ripping yours or anyone else's head(s) off (for those of you with more than one head).

Now that I got all of that out my system, the extremes I'm referring to in the title are the extremes I've felt since having a 2nd child. In some ways I'm loving it. He is a cute, sweet, good-natured baby, and Mia is an awesome big sister and now that she's 5 trillion times more capable than she was a year ago, not to mention more verbal, and we're past some of the humps we experienced during this past year, I'm thankful for the spacing we have between these kids; exactly 30 months.  That is proving to be working out pretty well thus far.
The extremes I feel are just on the rough days.  The days where we miss a nap, or unintentionally push bedtime back way too far, or watch too much TV and aren't outside enjoying the sunshine, or have crappy bedtime battles.  Then, of course, I'm not loving it.  It's not as easy having the parents split up -- me for Gabe and Greg for Mia.  There were some pros to having an odd-numbered family beforehand, which I obviously didn't realize till now. We both equally dealt with Mia when we were home and took turns.  And because Gabe is naturally a momma's boy because I nurse him, it means I can't as easily run out for a girls night or do some of the evening bible studies I used to with my girlfriends, because getting him into bed at the right time and keeping us on a good rhythm/routine most nights of the week is a priority for me.  These are just little sacrifices that will eventually be a blur, so I shan't wish the days away, at all.  Things just change, and are always in flux.  That truth could be said about almost anything.

For now though, I'm thankful for where we are. I didn't know I'd love living in Tampa for this stage of life, but I do love it. It's been a great place to cultivate relationships and friendships with other young parents and allow Mia almost unlimited access to great Christian buddies.  The sunshine we experience almost all year long has no doubt helped prevent many a mood swing, and feeling like I'm finally figuring out a thing or two about "running a household" (what transitions we've taken!) makes me feel tons more proficient at being a housewife....Eek, I cannot believe I even said those two words in a sentence in relation to me.  It still sometimes seems totally foreign.  Megan, the housewife.  Is that really me??  Shouldn't I be guidance-counseling?  Even though I hardly think of the roles in the same terms at all, in some ways I am guidance-counseling.

And the final extreme--not to be an Oprah show, but like I mentioned in the last post, there's been a lot of pouring out lately--into my kids, of course, but less internal developing and pouring back in.  It's not about me, in the end, it really isn't.  Yet, I'm trying to be more diligent and more purposeful about holding back for mine and my family's sake when I need to.  Oh, for a crazy, loves-to-have-fun & be social type of person, that is mighty hard.  But there is much to consider when you give yourself some quiet space.  Much to consider.

And that's just one peek into the brain of yours truly.  Till now...I'm going to gorge on an afternoon treat while the babes finish up their naps, and consider my AMAZING to-do list.
Thank goodness get dressed is already crossed off for today.

Stank. Greg found me out!

What are the "must-do's" on your daily to-do lists?

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Tiffany Hope said...

I cannot stop laughing at that to-do list. But I'm not laughing AT it. I love it, and oftentimes I, too, have to remind myself of things. On my to-do list for today: wash hair.