Monday, March 12, 2012

Your baby is HUUUGE!

Mia at 4ish months
Good words I didn't know if I'd ever hear :P

So maybe I grow small babies in the womb but once they "pop out" as Mia says (she borrowed that terminology from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, thank you!), these babes seem to grow!

Gabe had his 4 month check-up on Friday and here were his stats:
16.02 lbs (75th percentile)
26.5 inches (90th percentile)
and 75th percentile for head circumference (I don't have that exact measurement)

check out that chubby midriff //
Gabe at 4ish months

Everything else looked good, despite a little nasal congestion, some funky remaining umbilical cord stubble (his belly is so chubby I never see inside his belly button until I bathe him - which is honestly, infrequent), and cradle cap.  I asked about his spitting up and it seems that since he gains weight so well, it's just a physiological reflux and not to worry about it--hope that's the case! And oh yeah, keep massaging his tear ducts since they seem clogged.  So, while that sounds like a LOT, it actually makes for a worthwhile appointment, otherwise it's just checking his vitals, a quick meet & greet with the doc, and that's it.

He's a good eater, a pretty good sleeper (every baby/kid/person has their days...and nights), and generally happy, so I think we'll keep him.

Which is probably good for him, because if I ever leave his presence, he somehow still finds me, hones in on me, and gives me this look:

Gabe's very serious and studious mommy-don't-leave-me look

Another Mia at 4ish months

Having said all that though, he seems to be having trouble staying settled tonight, so I best be going... 

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Jamie and Trey + One said...

Oh man, how can you say no to those puppy dog eyes. He has gorgeous eyes!! Can't wait for Cheyenne to meet her future husband...hopefully in April we will head down there!!!