Friday, March 9, 2012

A Weekend in the Life

Most of our weekends aren't normally like this, but last week my parents were in town for a work conference on my dad's part, and we got to hang out with them over at their hotel--on the BEACH, holla!--and enjoy the best time of year in Florida. For nearly free, minus a tire that split on the way out there, and the subsequent 4-tire replacement that followed the day after.  No big deal.

The rest of the weekend, we hit up the Strawberry Festival, where rural Florida comes to let it all hang out, and also celebrated (early!) Luke's birthday while my parents were in town.

A picture recap of the weekend:

Mia sees Mommo
Note the name of my parents' villa building
(if you know their names you'll see why this is unusual)

Sifting Sands

Snoozin at the pool
Mia enforcing that everybody swim in the kiddie pool
Proof Greg & I both live

Posing as posers at the Strawberry Festival

Gabe & his homies

Amazing Sibling Love caught on film, with Mommo & Papa Jack

PS: Happy [actual] birthday to my brother Luke, TODAY!  

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The Bigelows said...

We love the Tradewinds Resort! That's where we stay whoever we go to the beach!