Wednesday, April 11, 2012


If "necessity is the mother of invention," then I really needed this meal.

In the middle of the afternoon on Monday, Greg texted me and said something about dinner. Guys are good for that, reminding you that come a couple of hours, we're going to need to eat.  Sometimes I get a little caught up in my day that despite all my best intentions, I don't get started on dinner early enough and it's a mad dash to get something hearty on the table.  I was afraid Monday was going to be one of those days but I knew I had a few things in the fridge & freezer that might work.  Like a package of chicken thighs.  LOTS of apples.  And some leftover uncooked green beans from Easter.  

So I went to town and scanned through one of my favorite recipe books, Everyday Paleo, and finally settled on Pecan Crusted Chicken.  It definitely helped that I already had all the main ingredients (good sign).  Then I remembered another tasty dish with apples I had made just the other week: Fried Apples.  And for the beans, I boiled them and then sautéed the beans in bacon fat with green onions, and added a little salt & pepper.
It was a pretty simple meal, that despite my lack of planning, really came together. You'd have thought I even meal-planned it, but I didn't.  And it was one of my most popular Instagrams.  Go Figure.

And now, after that brief interlude of food immodesty, and also sort of feeling like Beth in Little Women spieling about recipes, I must go.  Just for a little bit.

I'll check back in on you all later.


Rhonda said...

I wasn't ready for you to go! Looks like a yummy meal to me. Good job!

Carrie Willis said...

I love it when I have all the ingredients I need when I want to make something! And I'm totally with you on the green beans and bacon fat - it's the main thing I keep bacon fat for! :) Looks yummy, good job!!