Monday, April 2, 2012

Organized in the brain, not so much every where else...

I remember during one of my fabulous conference night sessions in elementary school a teacher telling my parents I was very organized. I was very proud, if even a little mystified by this report (I was?), but it was my parents' reaction that was even better. "Wait, our child?" I can almost see them now as they peered over to look at me as if to confirm there wasn't another child sitting next to them during the conference session.

Of course, they were slightly teasing because they didn't want to shoot down a) what the teacher said or b) completely embarrass me, but they knew at-home-tidiness and organization weren't my strong suits.  They still are not, in various areas, but I do keep a lot of information organized and swirling around in my head.  I'm still figuring out so much about how I best work as I grow, but I know putting pen to paper is MONUMENTAL for me and pivotal in getting things done, i.e., list-making.  Give me a list or a chart to follow, something that makes sense and seems logical, and points to an overall goal, and I'll go with it. If I understand where I'm going (track girl, where's my finish line?) it really helps me pace myself.

Well, there's a lot going on this month. Our tiny big girl Mia is about to turn the 3!, there's a community garage sale, parties, special Easter events, etc., that will be keeping us and our home busy.  With another tiny tot in tow (I'm looking at you, Gabe), things get even more messy or just plain cluttered, which is why I'm looking forward to this challenge by the Money-Saving Mom:

Putting it out there on the blog will keep me accountable. Dare I take actual pictures of my progress?  Hmm...
We shall see.

For now, I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from last week:
playing in the crib - I did not leave them there for long!

waking up after a nap -- he's the sweetest!

Wish me luck!

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