Thursday, April 5, 2012


A dear friend of mine had her baby girl tonight. She was a few days overdue and experienced a 40 hour labor, putting my piddly 8-12 hour labors to shame.  But it is her first child and a girl, and I'm so excited for her. There's something about discovering your baby as they are born that is priceless, unmatched by anything else in this world.
Kids on a chair
(Every caption written in this format is scripted in the
"Snakes on a plane" vibe)
Ironically, she's the friend who spurred this post, which was one of my most popular posts last year.  And little did she know that just a couple of months after that post, she'd be finding out she was having a baby of her own!  God certainly works in mysterious ways...

The more I live, the more in awe I am of the system God designed for us here on earth.  It is no longer perfect, indeed it has been tainted by sin and by man's foibles, but God still designed something marvelous on earth, where things that we cannot even see work together in harmony to create the right balance for us.  It is more often when we interfere that we ruin the process.

Which is why getting back to basics, simplifying (in all things!) and trusting in Him when I do not understand are becoming more important to me now.  Definitely the hardest part is letting go of my grasp on earthly things...

Ahhhh, babies.  The thoughts they don't even realize that they stir!

And now I have broken my personal rule not to post anything after 10pm, as it usually makes no sense and is overly dramatic.

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