Friday, April 27, 2012

Planning a party...and a trip

3 yr old Mia, birthday morning
On the spectrum of don't care to this is über-important and must be perfect, I think I fall somewhere in the middle.  As we're getting ready for Mia's birthday party tomorrow (again, at the park, weather and seating permitting!), I'm reminded of the first birthday party we had for Mia two years ago. I was all nerves and antsy; there was so much to do the week leading up to her birthday party I seriously wasn't sure how we'd accomplish it all. Since then, I've backed off quite a bit, and am learning what to make important and what to let be. For instance, while I want her to feel special and for the day itself to be special, since it's toddlers we're talking about here, I don't feel compelled to go to the ends of the earth making it look perfect. Sure, I'd love to post about it on Pinterest and having it look amazing and like it came out of a parenting magazine or Real Simple or something of the like, but it just ain't gonna happen. She's way more jazzed about the "cakes" (cupcakes) and bustin' moves at the park with her friends than my setting paper lanterns from trees and lysol-ing the picnic table.

Sometimes for these events, the to-do list feels incredibly long, but at this point we're down to the last minute things: the second batch of these "Reeses" cupcakes and I'm going to sub the frosting with this.  I tried the original sunbutter frosting and just wasn't loving it. Tasted like straight peanut butter on a cupcake, and while I could probably eat the cupcakes as so, I don't know how much of a hit they'd be at the party.  Sometimes, you just expect a little sugar (that one's for you, G-Unit).

Beyond that, the Gabester and I will be traveling northward this weekend to visit family and attend Mamaw's funeral.  It's a bittersweet trip, as they always are. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and all, but I know various elements of it will be sad. I haven't really even mourned yet, because there's been a little girl's birthday to celebrate, a party to prep for, and items to coordinate before we leave.  One must always run through Target before such a trip as this. (Am I the only one who feels drawn to the aisles of Target before any "major" or minor trip??)
In years past, flying with an infant by myself at this stage in the game would've really rattled me.  Maybe it's because it's Gabe, or maybe I'm just a little more confident, or maybe I'm starting to realize for everything in parenthood: whether it be molars, the terrible twos, or an inconsolable babe on plane--none of it lasts forever.  That's both a comfort and a sad truth, so I'm taking it for what it's worth.

Greg will be with the Mia-meister completely on his own for more than 24 hours -- I believe this is a first. I have no question they will conquer it just fine, but having your other half gone for what seems like days on end with the tall task of taking care of a spunky 3 year old, well, that can seem daunting too. I'm sure they'll be fine and hopefully have loads of fun.

Well, laundry and last-minute packing are calling my name.  For now, I bid you, adieu.

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