Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much!

This is like finals week in the life of a mother of an almost 1 yr old. So much boiling down to the "exam," I mean, birthday party, this weekend! It's like crazy/stressed out/fun.  One minute you're bouncing off the walls because there's a lot to celebrate: We did it! We made it through the year! and the next minute you're thinking: I still have so much to do, how will I ever pull this off?! And everyone's gonna be here so I better get my game together.  Very reminiscent of graduation times at FC and USF.  Packing up your room, studying for exams, saying goodbye to friends, and anticipating the arrival of your family to witness the passing of another graduate.  You knew if you passed out after it was all over, you did your job right.  This time, it's watching us graduate from being complete "noobs" (short for "newbies," lingo for "novices") to now being the parents of an almost toddler. My goals for the remainder of the week are to let myself delegate and to accomplish one big thing per day. Hopefully then by this weekend, things will be smooth-sailing.

Speaking of parents, my dad is one of those people unfortunately stuck in foggy Londontown because of the volcanic ash hovering over Europe. How crazy is that?? I remembered he was traveling to London last Sunday for business, but when I heard about the volcano last Friday morning I did not think this might affect him. He was supposed to return on Friday. Then he heard maybe today (Tuesday). Now, he's probably not going to leave until Sunday, the 25th! Crazy. I know some people would probably celebrate extra time in Europe or London, but I think when you don't have any choice or would like to be somewhere else, it's probably not as much fun. 

So I sent him this picture. Yesterday Mia accompanied me, as she usually does, to grocery shop. We made it in record time through Publix, probably because I dawdled for so long in Nutrition S'mart, that I really didn't have time to leisurely stroll through Publix like I normally do. I bought my list of groceries in less than 30 mins flat!  The best!
She enjoyed her trip so much more once she figured out how to turn around and stare at other customers.  One thing is for sure: She looooves checking other people out! We're going to have to teach her not to gawk. "Mia, don't stare."


Megan said...

I'm happy to report today was a successful day. Still stuff to be done, but "we're getting there"!

Jenn said...

Ahh Birthday Week.. I don't miss that week at all! :) Soak it up, enjoy and take lots of pictures!! Happy Birthday sweet Mia!

Jenn said...

Oh and I forgot.. just wait till you kid starts freaking out for the GIGANTIC cart that looks like a race car! Thankfully we don't have Publix here, but Ethan's learned really quickly when we're at Nana and PopPop's they get the fun carts for him.

Rose said...

yay, mia! hope you have a super fun b-day party (and I hope you survive, Megan :) 30 mins in Pub is a record in my book.