Monday, April 5, 2010

A weekend in the life of Mia - Easter Style

Busy busy.  That was us this weekend, and it don't stop just because the week started; it's lingered on through today!
But here's what our weekend looked like.  A chilled Friday night at Luke & Al's before the madness (and seasonal allergies?) started:

getting a lift from Sawyer (note the cool onesie c/o Rose B. McGee)

getting acquainted with Kona

Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt:
easter egg hunting

action shot of Braden scouting

mandatory family picture

mia's impression of the easter bunny

Sunday's Easter Dinner @ a friend's house:
meeting "Big Ash"

cheesing (actually, trying to avoid the flash)

opening easter baskets @ home

enjoying the easter chick

seriously questioning another easter celebration

the end!


Rose said...

Yay, she fits in the onesie now! Thanks for the shout-out. Also, David has those same plaid shorts that Greg is sporting. Imagine my delight when he wore those shorts with a plaid shirt. "Look! The shirt has the same color scheme!" he explained...

Anonymous said...

purty CUTE! Can't wait to smother her soon. Or at least vid-chat with her :)