Monday, March 15, 2010

the "jostle"

I'll try to resist the urge to commence every blog post with the definition of the word in the title, but I curiously looked up "jostle" and was intrigued enough by its etymology & date, that I thought in this case, hey, if the blog commencement definition thang ain't broke, don't fix it.

Main Entry: 1jos·tle
Pronunciation: \ˈjä-səl\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): jos·tled; jos·tling \-s(ə-)liŋ\
Etymology: alteration of justle, frequentative of 1joust
Date: 1546

intransitive verb 1 a : to come in contact or into collision b : to make one's way by pushing and shoving <jostling toward the exit> c : to exist in close proximity
2 : to vie in gaining an objective : contend <jostled to get a glimpse of the celebrity>transitive verb 1 a : to come in contact or into collision with b : to force by pushing : elbow c : to stir up : agitate jostled us awake> d : to exist in close proximity with
2 : to vie with in attaining an objective

You may think I'm going to talk about the jostling that occurs when shifting just one hour forward with a baby thanks to Daylight Savings Time. In fact, I could very easily discuss that. (She napped about 2 seconds yesterday, and then slept soundly from 9pm-1am, then 2am-9am last night. I wasn't a big fan of the 1-2am party, but I loved sleeping in till 9!)

But while I'm not really going to talk about Daylight Savings Time, it does play a factor in today's story.

So, as stated, Mia woke up a bit late today, especially compared to last week's standard, where awaking around 6:30am was scarily becoming the norm. This resulted in her napping through lunchtime, which was cool until she woke up around 1:45pm, and then I really wasn't sure what to do. Most days, she goes back to sleep for a late afternoon nap around 3 or 4pm, but seeing as how everything was just a few hours off today, and it was a beautiful day out, I was feeling the need to get outside/out of the house and socialize with somebody. It had been a while since I had called upon my friend Daphne, but lo & behold, I found her on Facebook Chat and she graciously welcomed us over to her house as one of her little ones would be napping and she couldn't meet for the walk I had proposed.

We made our way over to Daphne's, with a quick stop at the Coffee Beanery--unfortunately another disappointing visit. As I used to work there...almost 6 years ago...I like to give it some support in a very Starbucks-proliferated market (which I do indeed love & take advantage of at nearly every opportunity). However, I was again reminded why they have not really exploded on the Tampa scene: their customer service leaves much to be desired. Another example where "culture" plays a big role in the delivery of service and products. It's almost like comparing Publix to Sweetbay. Publix ("where shopping is a pleasure") vs. Sweetbay (unfortunately can't even think of their slogan) ... I gotta throw SB a few bones, but Publix is always a better experience. Alas, I digress. I picked up two iced mochas for me & Daphne, as I thought I recalled there being a "Mocha Monday" deal, although I felt like I had to finagle both baristas who assisted me as it seemed as if they had never heard of this. I wasn't trying to pull a fast one on them, I just recalled receiving several emails some time back about this promo that seemed to last a few months. So perhaps they were newer employees or perhaps their short/long-term memory was inept because while they honored this deal, they looked at me like I didn't even know what a mocha was. Excuse me. (I did not mention I was one of the inaugurating employees!!)

So, at Daphne's, Mia checked out the risen sandbox tray on the patio, while Ava made us a few delectable treats: soup, cake, milkshakes, etc., of course all from the finest of sands. Daphne & I shot the breeze, while literally enjoying the breeze, and just caught up on life. (Corbin was napping his little self out.) Eventually I realized Mia's window of non-napping had come to a close and it was time for us to go. We grabbed our belongings, thanked Daphne for her hospitality, and Ava for all the treats, and were on our way.

No more than half a mile from Daphne's house, I was stopped in a curved right turn lane--yielding--as I waited for the right moment to enter the now more heavily ensuing traffic on Bruce B. Downs Blvd. There's barely any room to merge at that particular spot, so picking the right time is important. As I checked and waited, I suddenly felt this BOOM! and realized we had been jostled a bit (how much, I'm not sure). I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a little Jaguar convertible right behind us, and then looked at Mia and realized she had been startled as she began to cry.

I really wasn't sure what to do at that point. From where I was, still sitting in the driver's seat, I could not have imagined that the damage could be very bad. Yet I could already see the driver getting out of his car, ready to assess the damage. I hopped out and saw he was an older gentleman, a grandpa, perhaps, who already seemed quite apologetic while also deflecting much of the damage. "I think it looks like my headlight popped out and made a bit of scratch on your bumper. It could probably be buffed out really easily." From what I could tell, he seemed correct, but you know you never want to be talked out of something that needs to be taken care of when it may be very costly for you down the road. He said he wanted to avoid making an insurance claim, which I think I probably wanted to avoid too. I didn't really know what to do, so I called Greg. The man offered to talk to Greg but Greg turned that down. I just took two pictures with my camera phone, got the man's number, and listened as he explained why he bumped into me. He said something about talking to his wife on the phone, not realizing I had stopped, and then hitting me. I said, "This is understandable, it could easily happen to anyone, we'll get it figured out." I think that may have avoided completely letting him off the hook, while also trying to reduce a bit of the guilt he seemed to be feeling. Honestly, what do you do in that case? I did feel bad for him, but I also felt protective of us. In the car, Mia was freaking out. I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to handle this and be gracious towards him, and I think he's trying to slightly minimize the situation. Anyway, we exchanged names, I got his digits and then we drove off.

Mia was still spazzing and unfortunately I really need to get gas in the car, so while I was filling up the tank, I could see her through the windows desperately crying at me. Poor baby! Her bottle had ran out and nothing else was appeasing her, so while we made the mad dash home there was little I could do but hope the hum of the road would soothe her a bit.

It didn't, so when we got home, she got a fresh diaper, I heated up a bottle and then we settled into the glider where she fell asleep while eating. When she does that you know she's pretty tired. She slept for a good hour & a half (a bit late in the day for her but she's still a bit off from DST).

I thought that was enough havoc for one day, but after she woke up from the nap, Greg went to get her and as he was taking care of her dirty diaper (just a step or two away from the changing table), I heard a noise and then heard Greg say, "I just caught her midair as she rolled off the changing table." I ran into the room to see Greg holding a half-naked baby looking a little freaked out.

What's more is during bathtime, Mia swallowed a bunch of water while she was rolling around in the tub and I had to pat her back to make sure she was okay. I was right there next to her but babies are so slippery in the tub and she's so mobile that she rolled around and swallowed that water before I could prevent it from happening. You can be sure that was the end of bathtime!

If things come in 3's, then I'm *hoping* we met our quota today.

Beware the Ides of March!!


Megan said...

I cannot seem to fix the font changes throughout this post so please ignore the back & forth!

Anonymous said...

WHAT A DAY!! When we lived here before (I always call it "before" hehe)... my brand new Civic (2003) got hit 3 times and therefore went through 3 bumpers all between that Spring of 03 to the Spring of 06. Crazy.

Next time you need to get out, don't hesitate to come on over here too!

Greg said...

I like how you describe your stop at the coffee beanery in more detail than my death defying mid-air leaping catch of Mia as she plummeted off the changing table. That could be overstated. Nah, I'm sticking with it. I'm just glad everyone made it bed last night unscathed.

Edwards fam said...

Oh dear me. I am so glad you're ok. Poor little Mia (and you and Greg, for that matter) had quite an eventful day. I'm glad you're all ok. Hope my "neighbor" makes it right with your car! ;)

Rose said...

It seems Mia's living on the edge these days.

The Coffee Monster said...

I’m happy to hear you still visit your old stomping grounds to get your coffee on occasion. Sorry you weren’t thrilled with your last visit. As you know from being a barista in the past, there can be a lot to learn and if the boss (that’s me) fails to teach each employee everything they need to know in the few weeks they’ve worked here…that leaves them looking a little silly, or inept as you put it, when a customer asks about something they’re unaware of. I’m happy to hear, even though they didn’t know the special you were referring to still applied, your request was still honored. Next time you want to come in for Mocha Monday, they all will know what you’re talking about.

Megan said...

Thanks for commenting. I remember there's a big learning curve to any new job, especially one like the CB. I haven't lost my faith in the store and I will still visit there! I'm glad to know Mocha Monday's will be in effect! :P