Thursday, March 4, 2010

What am I doing today?

I have a lot I want to do today, but while I'm sitting here blogging, and pondering over the new font I just installed (Greg is not a fan of it, so don't be surprised if it makes as quick an exit as it made an entrance), Mia is pulling books off the shelf next to me. Books Greg just ordered from Barnes & Noble, books her Granddad wrote (did you know he writes textbooks?), books I saved from my college learning, books people lent us that probably should have been returned anywhere from 1-8 years ago. And prior to that, she crawled around most of the house, following me, finding various diaper bags of hers and other things, pulling everything out of them. It was as if we just experienced a tornado in our house. And in between those two events, she was attempting to walk from an ottoman to a wooden chair, and fell over and hit her forehead on one of the horizontal pegs on the chair. I foresee a bruise moving in there sometime soon.

So...instead of telling you what I'm doing today, I just told you what Mia's doing today. Here's proof of the devastation:

learning how to grab books from baby friend knox on Tuesday

repeating this behavior on her own 2 days later, with the scrunchy face (a new face she picked up in Arizona, often in response to bright sunlight or seeing her mommy)

the aftermath

Looks like we have a lot of reading to do!


Rose said...

read on, lil Mia, read on.

Trevor said...

Who was the other kid?

Megan said...

Tre'r, it's Mia birth center boyfriend, Knox. You know Peter & Tiff? He's their kiddy.

Anonymous said...

Knox is doing the same thing right now!

Jana Hall said...

I love her face as she pulls the books off the shelf! She is too cute! I don't know what I will do once my 2 start crawling and walking!! I guess following them around everywhere!