Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unhappy to report...

...that our little munchkin is not sleeping as well anymore.

Chalk it up to the time change, teeth, a developmental milestone, or who knows what, but the relative ease with which I used to be able to put Mia down for a nap has quickly escaped in the last few days and weeks.  It started with the afternoon nap becoming a major challenge, when it moved back an hour or two from 2ish to 3 or even 4pm.  

At least the morning naps were easy, right?  (PSYCH!)  The last few days we've gone from easy morning naps where she snuggles with me and then snuggles in her crib and passes out for a good 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours to wrestling with that morning nap for 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours before she's really down.  It's noon and she's just now settled for her "morning" nap, and the same thing happened yesterday.

We're at a major loss so I've called in the troops.  My friend just lent me her Dr. Ferber book, which significantly helped her sleeping problems with her 11 month old.  He now sleeps through the night, for the first time in his whole life.  Bless their hearts!  Mia has been sleeping through the night for the last few months thankfully, but has just become a very difficult napper.  Although if the napping problem isn't corrected it will most likely affect her nighttime sleep too.  This book has lots of suggestions and solutions for solving children's sleep problems and I hope it provides some answers and success for us.

So here's to hoping for a better report sometime soon because the joy of our days is quickly draining when half of it is spent trying to get a wee little one to just sleep!!

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