Monday, June 28, 2010

Chicco, you've served us well...

...but I fear it's time to move on.  Mia's finally outgrowing her infant car seat that matches her travel system stroller from Chicco.  I think it holds babies up to 22 lbs and while Mia is still probably just a tad shy of 20lbs, I can tell she is becoming less & less comfortable in the seat, and she's obviously over a year (which is when most kids switch to the next level up of carseats).

Now comes the task of researching which carseat to go to next.  If you know me, I research & research, and so I'm sure this will result with a short list of options, weighing each pro & con.  
It can be tedious at times, but in the end, I'll know whatever we chose was the right one for us.

If you have any experience in this department, please feel free to share your nuggets of wisdom.
We're looking at getting the carseats that grow with the child, so that we won't have to make another purchase for a while to come.

(Mia at 8.5 months, back in January, in her beloved & well-used Chicco Manhattan carseat.  Loved that hat too!)

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