Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite pastimes that could keep Mia busy for hours...

...include going through the bottom of our bookshelves and pulling out every book, piece of paper, or card and sprawling it on the floor.  It never fails.

Somedays I walk around the house to see a pile here, a pile there, a pile...there??  She loves going through our stuff.  I guess in a way she is helping me become better organized, because I get to go through all the junk again and realize, "I don't need this!"  *TRASH*

We got a major order of fluffy mail the other day.  For those who don't know, fluffy mail is cloth diaper speak for "cloth diapers in the mail."  A major purchase I completed a couple weeks ago made its way to our home and now Mia will be mostly outfitted in bumGenius! To say I've been looking forward to this is a mild understatement.  It's hard to explain some of the joy that comes from using cloth, but 'tis true.

The Miss & I are traveling next week, solo.  I'm half-looking forward to it, half-panicked.  I've never had to handle Mia 24/7 by myself.  We will be with family almost the whole time, no matter where we are, but it's still a tad different than having the "dada" with you.  "What's the worst that could happen?"  I don't like asking myself that question sometimes, because I don't want to imagine the worst that could happen, but whatever doesn't kill us will only make us stronger, right?  Thankfully the airplane rides are short.

Can you spot lil' Mia in the middle of a big playdate?

World Cup starts TODAY.  If Greg has anything to do with it, Mia will be a future soccer player; maybe a midfielder (she'll have her defensive skills from her daddy, and her running skills from her momma).  (For Jackson: "skills & abilities")  We are watching the US/England game tomorrow with a few blokes.  I do have to say, aside from American football, I'm getting better at watching sports on TV, especially baseball. I can name almost the entire Rays lineup, and I even know who is left-handed.  I'll attribute this sports knowledge-absorption to my parents.  That & knowing the oldies music.  Some things get passed down even without your trying!!

I have a pipsqueak waiting for me to play with her, so time to moveON.  Until next time...

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