Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sleepy baby?

It's been a while since I've seen this happen.  

Mia and I went on a leisurely walk this morning. Even though there's a heat index of 105°F (sick), it was still earlier in the morning and I felt like our past two days of major inactivity (unless you count going to the store or the chiropractor as exciting) necessitated a walk in the Florida sunshine.  

I felt bad when we got home though as we were both quite sweaty and I was afraid of Mia becoming dehydrated. After wiping her down with a cool rag and changing her, I gave her a water bottle but she wasn't much interested in that, so I gave her her new favorite milk: coconut. I sat her in her highchair so I could take care of a few things.  I tried to feed her a few bites of mango in between her guzzling of the bottle, but she was more interested in drinking than eating.  I must have gotten distracted because I looked over a few minutes later, and her eyes were closed.  Poor baby!  She was drifting off to sleep with her bottle while still sitting in the highchair.  I quickly decided the highchair is not where I want her to nap, so I scooped her up and we went to her room where she was properly attired for the nap, with her little fan on for white noise, and let her finish the rest of her bottle, fall back asleep (which she did promptly) and laid her down in her crib.  

She must've been tired.  I would take a nap too, but I have a list of things to do before our trip.  Surprisingly, blogging is not one of them!

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Rose said...

whoa! love the new look--the background design is super fun. we haven't boasted heat as high as FL but the 90 degree, 70% humidity yesterday did make soccer a bit tough.