Wednesday, June 23, 2010

howdy hoo

As I sit here sipping what I think is some well-deserved coffee -- special brew from my dad's machine -- after a long night with the little one, I am glad that even if the bambina had another one of those crazy 2-3 hr midnight parties, I had a Mommo to pass her off to when she reawoke at 6:30, which is still a tad too early for a gal like me.

Mommo helped her play it out until 9:30am, where Mia then quickly & effortlessly passed out on my lap drinking down her almond milk.  Girl gon' get tired. 

The flight last week went very smoothly, after all the fretting I did about it beforehand. I know I had a lot of people saying prayers for a smooth and noneventful flight, and that's what we got.  Sometimes I'm sure it seems silly what we pray for, but what better to let go of the worry & let God take care of it? I love to see His work in action.

Mia's had a fun trip. She's gotten to see both grandparents (which, next time I'm there Nana & Granddad, I must take a picture of Mia with both you guys!), see parts of the South & Lower Midwest and other family members like her "first cousins once removed" (not "first cousins once we moved" -- KP boys!).  Aside from this past night & Friday night, Mia's slept really well given all the traveling.  4 good nights out of 6 ain't bad.

Greg joined us for the weekend. It was a quick trip for him but it was fun & relaxing.  My parents asked if I'm looking forward to getting back home.  I'll miss their help with Mia, but I'll be happy to be back with G, even if I've barely washed a dish since I've been here.  

Soon, back to life / back to reality. 
But until then, some of Mia's globe-trotting adventures in the Hoosier State:

new car(t) to push around

table & barn I used to play with 

getting pushed around by Uncle J

lounging with Papa Jack on the porch

Mia's playtime buddy, Mommo


Rhonda said...

I miss my playtime buddy already! So happy we had the time together. love, Mommo

Rose said...

i'm jealous of mia's time with mommo and papa jack.