Saturday, October 23, 2010

Late October

Things have felt busy around here.  It's a good busy, where I'm thankful to be productive and have so many good things going on.

Halloween is just a week away and Mia--if she'll tolerate wearing a costume--will be Little Red Riding Hood.  We just got the costume in the mail today from my mom; she found a pattern and sewed it herself!  It looks quite cute and will probably be something Mia can grow with too.

October 2009
I found Mia a Halloween onesie and pants to wear during October.  She wore the outfit around the house on Friday and it was super cute and reminded me of just last year when she was a cute, sorta cuddly 6 month old wearing Halloween onesies!  The front of the shirt, which is not pictured, says, "Daddy's under my spell."  SO true.

contentedly snoozing October 2010
I share this other picture just because I was sort of proud of myself.  We've been eating sort of helter-skelter the last few weeks.  I'm still on my modified diet and have gotten myself back on track after a few weeks of minor cheats building up, so this week I wanted to do a bit better.  Friday night, we had roasted free-range chicken, squash & zucchini splashed with coconut oil, milk, maple syrup, and salt & pepper (which Mia loved!), and sweet potato with coconut oil or butter & cinnamon.  Yum!  It felt like a good fall meal, and Mia had a bit of everything.

more squash & zucchini, please!
Sometimes it is hard to find meals where Mia is genuinely interested in everything we place before her, so it's nice when I can just give her something good, healthy and home-cooked and I don't have to worry about a single substitution!  To that end though, Mia seems to have a healthy appetite and I'm very happy to say she loves guacamole.  Guess what Mia, we do too...we do too.

And then unrelated, last weekend we had a special celebration for my sister-in-law Amanda, who is having baby #2 (a girl to be named Abby) in January.  Some of us girls got together and had a "sprinkle" (code for a low-key, casual baby shower) at Cheesecake Factory.  Even though the event was for Amanda, I think all of us had as much fun as she did, and my Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake splurge was worth the cheat.  Yum!
Even though I love being at home with my husband & Mia at night, it is so refreshing to spend a night out with girlfriends every now and then.  It's just good for the soul, and I'm very thankful for these gals.

For now, Greg & I are going to be old fogies and finish the movie (Robin Hood) we couldn't last night thanks to S.F.O., also known as sudden fatigue onset and eat some grain-free brownies.  With good food like that, a "restricted" diet ain't so bad.

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