Friday, October 29, 2010

Obsessed much? You could call it "passion"

I mentioned in some previous entries that I've felt very inspired lately and like I'm ready to tackle several projects.  [Mind you, whenever I start posting about my own ideas, I feel I'm venturing away from the main focus of this blog (Mia), but other events going on in the family have their place here too, right??]

One of those ideas was to host a cloth diaper demo at my house for some of the expectant mamas at my church or in my greater circle of friends.  I recognize to the rest of the world, this may not sound very exciting, but I've gotten to that stage in life where things thought to be previously weird are no longer.  (What was once also in this category included things like cookie sheets & KitchenAid mixers.  I believe I scoffed at a certain "spiritual comrade" when she received such items at a bridal shower.  Never again.  Lesson learned.)

Moving on...I've put my feelers out, gotten a semi-rousing response, and am moving forward.  Later in November on a Saturday afternoon, Lord Willing, I shall have this cloth diaper demo!  I've invited someone who actually runs her own business to really help in this and her name is Angela.  On Facebook, a friend jokingly asked if I could webcast this demo for her.  Oh, if only...I mean, I'm sure I actually have some of the technology to get that going, but we're still very grass-roots over here.

Milk Pail
And in terms of another project, we begin tonight: painting!  The prep and priming will start tonight, and hopefully the painting tomorrow.  First room will be the front room.  Can't wait to see the finished product!

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Rose said...

without mia you probably wouldn't have hosted a diaper demo (probably) so i think posting about such things is perfectly grand. i struggle with getting above the daily grind to tackle the (endless) list of projects i dream of doing. sigh.