Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mia loves her [1st] cousins [once-removed]

Today Mia had a golden opportunity to spend time some quality cousins at the golden arches.  Greg's uncle and his 3 boys were in town to see the last Rays game and for some diversion, Mia & I met them at a nearby fast food joint.  Within minutes of seeing her cousins, she was giggling and making funny noises. Mia loved Cousin B and would follow him around & tap him on the back if he happened to roam.  "Hey! Did you forget about me!?? Let's keep playing!"  Cousins R & G were pretty glued to this computer game though, and that's where Mia decided to join in on the fun.

"If you touch the screen you get points!"

"Sweet, I can do this too!" (Mia helping Cousin B)

loving the camaraderie

very invested

This primary color influenced post was brought to you by the letter K.


susan said...

Looks like Mia was having a great time! I'm glad they were there for a visit with all of you.

Rhonda said...

Such cute pictures with her cousins!